Export Siamsnus

We get a lot of questions about export Siamsnus during the years from companies in different parts of the world. We are both interested and able to to export but there is a few rules that Thailand enforce upon us in order to be able to do that.

Step. 1 Your company need to get a import permit for tobacco, preferably in English.

Step. 2 We need to have a copy of the import permit and translate it to Thai and get it approved here (this will be done by us).

Once these steps are done you can order from us and we can send it out of Thailand. I will outline the steps on how that would work below.

Step. 1 You place an order with us by mail, fax, website etc.

Step. 2 We confirm with the price including shipping (shipping depends on weight, location, shipping company etc).

Step. 3 You pay for the order.

Step. 4 The Thai government who controls food exports will check your shipment for parasites and such within 5 days after payment, this is a mandatory step even though i personally don’t know any animal who feeds of Snus.

Step. 5 We will send your shipment and attach the copy of your import permit.

Step. 6 Receive the package in your country.

Step. 7 Sell and make a profit.

We are also open to give exclusive rights to import and sell our products in your country if we can get a good cooperation.

This is basically all there is regarding export of our Snus but please feel free to contact us with any questions.