Frequently Asked Question

I want the strongest Snus you have?

All our Snus is strong but we have 1 kind that really stand out: Siamsnus Chili Snus. In addition to the already strong Snus we also added Chili to it, the result is quite explosive …

If you don’t like Chili in your Snus our second strongest Snus is: Siamsnus Bergamot Snus.

I want the weakest Snus you have?

The weakest Snus we have is called Siamsnus Mild and we would recommend Siamsnus Mild Portion White. This is the best choice for those who never tried Snus before or want to use it as an aid to quit smoking.

I have an awesome Blog or Website about Thailand and want to share links?

We have never and will never sell advertising spaces and such, but we are happy to link back to you if you link to us, as long as your website is related to Thailand 🙂

I don’t like websites so much, can i order in another way?

Yes, you can just email us your order by using our contact form here. You can also call in you order on phone number: 086 – 544 42 43.

Can i buy non-flavored Snus so i can add flavor myself?

Yes we can do that, just Contact us.

Do you sell Snus Portion White?

Yes we do. You can find the different tastes here.

How many bags are there in a box of Portion Snus?

A box of Portion Snus from us includes 24 30 bags of about 1.1 grams each. The size of the bags are like the ones sold in Sweden for example, General Portion or the like. From 1/1-2020 we changed the number of bags per box from 24 to 30.

How many grams of snus is it in a box of Loose Snus?

One can of Loose Snus from us contains 50 grams of loose snus. The box is not included in the weight. A full snus box weighs 60 grams and an empty snuff box weighs 10 grams, so there will be 50 grams of loose Snus for you.

How long time from order until delivery?

It only takes 24 hours to the Bangkok area and the rest of Thailand is 48 hours. Sometimes it can be up to 72 hours if you are staying in the islands. Please note that the post offices in Thailand are usually closed on Sundays. During holidays like Songkran and such there can be delays as well.

Order paid before 14:00 will be sent the same day and order paid after 14:00 will be sent the following day (weekdays).

Do you have a store where I can buy Snus directly?

We are only the manufacturer of Siamsnus and we don’t have any shops ourselves that sell it directly. We only sell Online through this website BUT we have resellers in most of the major tourist areas in Thailand .

You can find a list of them here or you can contact us directly.

I have no fixed address in Thailand but live in a Hotel, can I order anyway?

Yes, there is no problem and actually quite common among our customers. To order to a hotel you just need to enter your name, hotel name the hotels address and your room number.

There are however some things you need to think about if you want to order to a hotel or guest house:

The staff at the hotel can receive the package for you IF it is prepaid.

If you order using “Cash on Delivery” as payment only you can receive the package and you will need to pay for it at the same time.

What will happen if you order using “Cash on Delivery” and are staying at a hotel or guest house can be 1 of 2 things:

1. The mailman will leave a slip for you in the reception. This slip you will need to bring to the nearest post office, pay and collect your package.

2. The mailman will not leave a slip and return it to the post office and the tracking status online will say “Adress not clear, no recipient”.

You will notice this by tracking the package with the tracking info you got from us. In this case you just go to the post office stated on the tracking page (always the closest to your adress) with the tracking number provided by us and collect your package.

If your order is prepaid and the hotel staff is informed that you are expecting a package they can and usually will receive it for you.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about this.

Can I get a discount if I order much Snus at once?

We can give discount on large orders, and even in some cases, if you in return can leave an honest review of our snus.

Why is Portion Snus more expensive than Loose Snus?

The production of Portion (Pouch) Snus is associated with more work and larger overhead for us. In order to have a fairly sensible profitability in Portion Snus we must keep a bit higher price on it.

Can i read a review about your Snus anywhere?

Yes, there are some reviews online, actually.

The blogger Thaininjan wrote a little review about us here.

The travel magazine Vagabond has written about us here.

Do you have a blog related to Thailand and would be willing to review our Snuff you are very welcome to contact us.

We are open for business and all orders are expedited as usual. We will inform here if anything changes. Dismiss