We at Siamsnus are proud to offer a line of Snus products made entirely from Thai ingredients and manufactured in Thailand. Our locally grown tobacco is of the highest quality and free from pesticides, and all of our flavors are created by cold-pressing locally grown fruits and herbs to ensure the best taste and quality.

Our first Boxes
Our first Boxes of Snus looked like this.

A Brief History

The idea for Siamsnus started as a hobby around 2010 when we and many of our friends wanted to have access to Snus all the time.

Since i worked with Snus for many year in Sweden and always made my own (long before the ready-made snus kits came to the market).

I began experimenting with different ingredients and techniques to make our own Snus with the ingredients, raw material and conditions in Thailand.

And by 2012 after more failed attempts than I care to remember we had a product, we were then able to obtain the necessary permits to sell and manufacture it commercially.

Siamsnus Bergamot Classic Portion.
This is how our boxes looks today.
About 1
This is our Longcut series with its new design.

Siamsnus Today

Today, Siamsnus is a full-time operation that employs 16 people, and we are grateful to have been well-received by our customers. 

Our goal remains the same – to provide a range of high-quality Snus products at an affordable price and make them easily available to everyone in Thailand.

Manufacturing Snus in Thailand has not been without its challenges, but we have persevered and grown to love the work we do.

We are passionate about our products and intend to continue making Snus for years to come.

Our customers appreciate the locally sourced ingredients and unique flavors that result from our cold-pressing process.

While we are not interested in being the “best” Snus company, we strive to create a Snus product that meets the needs of everyone and make it as naturally as humanly possible.

Thailand is a beautiful country, and we believe that Siamsnus adds to its charm.

With a Siamsnus Snus under your lip, the experience becomes even more enjoyable.

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