About Siamsnus

Siamsnus is a line of different Snus products that are made completely by Thai ingredients in Thailand.

We use locally grown tobacco of highest quality (of course pesticide free).

All flavor is added by cold pressing locally grown fruits and herbs.

Siamsnus started as a kind of hobby around 2010 and a way for me and my friends to have access to Snus all the time.

Around 2012 we managed to get the necessary permits to sell and manufacture it commercially.

We are very fortunate and have been well received by our customers so now it is a full-time work that employs 16 persons.

Our goal is not in any way to be the “best”, we simply strive to have some sort of Snus for everybody at a descent price, easily available.

Thailand is a lovely place, but it gets a bit lovelier with a Snus under your lip 😉

Manufacturing Snus in Thailand have been the most challenging work i ever had and i love it and intend to keep on doing it.