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Do you wish to know more about SNUS and more about us? We would like to present to you our so called knowledge base of SNUS. Here you can find all kind of interesting information about SNUS & More. Also we would like to give you more Information about our Company SIAMSNUS and our vision. We wish you a happy reading!

The Knowledge Base all around SNUS

Please select one of your topic of interest in the following section. Here you can find all our knowledge articles around SNUS. Visit this page frequently, as we are updating it regulary for you. Thank you.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Visit our FAQ Page for the most frequently asked Questions about our Products and how to use them
Learn more about SIAMSNUS, our Products, our Vision and why we love our SNUS so much
How to store your SNUS correctly
Learn here how to store your SNUS! See what is best and where to store it and what better not to do with it.
SNUS Varieties and their Nicotine Contents
Facts and Figures on this Page! Here you can find all the nicotine contents for our SNUS varieties.
Quit Smoking with the help of SNUS
Do you want to stop smoking finally? May this page can help you, as it helped countless other people!
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We are all about our beloved SNUS!

About our SNUS Knowledge Page

Welcome dear visitor. On this page we want to collect all the knowledge about SNUS we can offer and find for you. The topic of SNUS is big and there is much to know about.

May you are interested in first knowing more about us? What exactly is SIAMSNUS? And what is our vision? What do we offer? If you like to know more, please have a look on our classic about us page.

We also have collected the most frequently asked questions about SNUS and our shop. May some or even most of your questions will get answered there. If not – don’t hesistate and visit our contact page to ask us your questions.

Also there are things to consider, when getting more deep into SNUS. May you have already a nice collection of different SNUS at home. Here comes the question about: How to store all my beloved SNUS? You will find the answers on the How to store SNUS Page.

Also you can find the more “technical” part on our page with the facts and figures about the nicotine contents of SNUS. For the imported and our self produced thai made SNUS.

Also we would like to let you know, that SNUS is also a wonderful way to quit smoking with SNUS. Because there is also non tabacco SNUS. Please visit this page to learn more about it and our offer of starting packages.

We are also working on a page about the history of SNUS and where it originated from. We dearly hope this page will help you, to learn more about the topic of SNUS! Thank you for taking the time for reading this page.

Happy reading!

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