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Welcome to this page, where you can find all the American Snus we have to offer. Here you can find a quick introduction, what is different to scandinavian or swedish snus and what makes american made snus so special! First of all, as with most american products, the nicotine level of snus, is measured in a different way. Some american snus declares it i.e. with 2/5 Regular or 2 on a 5 grade scale, where the regular snus is delcared with nicotine in mg per gram. Please now browse our american snus selection freely! And visit this page recently, as we find and add new products regulary.

Showing all 12 results

Showing all 12 results

American made Snus

American made Snus, all products listed
American made Snus, all products listed

First we like to thank you, for reading this page. We take a lot of effort to provide you with the best information around snus. You have found the best source all around american made snus here. As we stated above, you will find that the snus made in USA is kind of different, to the regular snus you may have tasted. They overall have a stronger appeal and are truly a “made in america” product. Also as we declared above, the nicotine content of the USA snus is declared a little bit different, as you may experience before. But as we also advised: a rather strong nicotine level in the snus, does not necessarily means, that it tasted different.

Please let us guide you through our newest entries to the snus family. Right now we have different brands of snus from the united states to offer. Let us start in an alphabetically order with the american snus derringer. Created with just finest and high quality leaves, Derringer has a smooth and rich taste that caters experienced long cut snus users and to smokeless tobacco fans alike.

Next one in line is the american snus klondike. What does this fine american snus brand has to offer? Klondike snus is known to have a wide variety of tastes. Here also saisoned snus veterans and newcomers will be satisfied alike.

Followed by the american snus stokers, we share a few words on this USA made snus brand. Having a big field of expertise in special snus, stoker’s was established more over a century ago. As well as the above mentioned USA Snus, it offers several flavors of snus, for the high level experienced snus users and for the fresh consuments of snus as well. Did you try it out yet? If not, you may should give it a try.

Please check our page regulary, as we are on the hunt for new snus products from oversea. You will learn, that also our friends from america are more than capable of providing us with hiqh quality snus.

Did you know that Siamsnus is the only provider and manufactor of thai made snus? If not, you may want to check out our wide variety of different snus. We have a lot of different flavors to offer and surely you will find your new favorite taste. There are also exotic variants to discover.

Thank you for reading this page, your Siamsnus Team