Snus History: Centuries Old But Always Modern

Here you can learn everything about Snus History. Looking at the storied and intriguing history of Snus, we can’t help but compare it to a vampire. That’s a weird analogy, you may think, and we’d agree. But both Snus and Dracula have:

Mysterious origins

Settled in Europe

Never gotten old

Evolved with the times

Smell fantastic (we’re assuming Dracula always smells good)

Join us for an insightful journey to discover made Snus the beloved and rich product it is today. Read more about the Snus History in the following article.

Snusdosa Snus History

Snus History: Today and modern times

The modern Snus landscape is one of fantastic choice. It has come such a long way from its simple homemade beginnings where “salty” was the only flavor – but more on the past later. So how is Snus today?
The modern Snus consumer has minty, fruity, savory, and other flavors right at their fingertips, not to mention a choice of Snus strength that will provide just the right amount of kick they enjoy. On top of that, we can also enjoy tobacco free Snus – a concoction of plant-based fibers that delivers much the same rush of energy and flavor as tobacco Snus.

Today, Snus is enjoyed in Sweden, Norway, the United States, Denmark, Finland, South Africa and of course, Asia, where its presence is growing year on year. This is also a good opportunity to have a look at the first thai made Snus. Which is also now a part of the Snus History.

Snus’ evolution over the last two centuries has not diluted or redefined its identity – its traditions, such as the early staple flavors of bergamot and salt, or the Snusdosa (container) design, remain not just strong, but as beloved as ever.

It is SiamSnus’ aim to allow customers in Thailand to enjoy Snus the way it is supposed to be enjoyed, keeping all the key characteristics of both old-school and modern Snus intact. What more to learn about the Snus History?

Tobacco’s Early History

We think it’s important to take a brief look at the beginning of tobacco’s spread into the wider world after being discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 during his exploration of the Caribbean. Tobacco was an indigenous plant of the Americas and inhabitants had been cultivating the crop for centuries, with evidence of cultivation in South America stretching back as far as 6,000 BC.

Before its introduction to Europe, tobacco held deep cultural significance within the societies of the American continent who uncovered the plant’s unique characteristics. The plant held medicinal, ceremonial, and social importance in those days, and while Snus’ standing is undoubtedly different in the modern world, we couldn’t help but see the similarities in how Snus grew to be a cornerstone of Swedish culture. In fact, it became so well established that it survived an EU ban! More on that later.

Tobacco field early times
Tobacco field early times
Loose vs Portion Snus
Loose vs Portion Snus

Tobacco + Sweden = Snus

Now it’s the 15th century and tobacco has been brought to the shores of Europe. From there it takes on different forms, one of them being the snorted/sniffed variety known as Snuff. Like Snus, Snuff comes in varied consistencies, textures, and moistness. First enjoyed exclusively by royalty and members of high society, nasal Snuff soon makes its way into the lives of the masses.

It is here that the transition from Snuff to Snus becomes a little murky – the reason for this is likely because making Snuff was a household pastime or practice and no real records were kept.

And so, it came to be, in the early 18th century, when Swedes were growing tobacco in their homes, curing it, drying, grinding, and adding spices it to their liking, that someone shoved a bit of moist tobacco under their lip and thought, “Hey, this isn’t half bad!”

  • Sublabial administration (placing tobacco under the lip) provides a controlled slow release that allows the flavors and nicotine sensations to be savored.

By the end of the 18th century, the good people of Sweden had refined their Snus making processes, using salt as a crucial ingredient that helps preserve the tobacco in a way that also enriches the flavor. Snus had become part of Sweden’s identity and was popular among people of all backgrounds.

The Industrialization of Snus

If the Swedish populous can be thanked for giving Snus its early roots, one man can be credited for giving Snus its wings. His name was Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf. Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf is considered by many to be the “father of modern snus.” This is because he:
  • Industrialized the Snus creation process
    • Built the first large-scale manufacturing facility in Stockholm
    • Innovated production techniques
    • Implemented standards of quality
  • Founded the famous Ettan Snus brand, which is still around today
He wasn’t alone – Johan A Boman founded a Snus factory in Gothenburg during the same time period and was an early innovator in the concept of flavored Snus.
  • Johan A Boman brought bergamot and citrus flavors to the manufacturing process, paving the way for the fantastic tastes we enjoy today.
Snus was already a mainstay of Swedish culture that crossed the lines between class and wealth. What the industrialization did was turn Swedish Snus into an economic tinderbox. And while business has its drawbacks, overall, the transition from homemade vice into a product benefited Snus immensely. As the 20th century approached, Snus’ mass production cemented its place in Swedish culture and set the stage for even more growth and advancement. A interesting part of Snus History.
Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf History of Snus
Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf
Tobacco Snus Pouch
Tobacco Snus Pouch

Snus History: 20th Century Snus

In 1915, Svenska Tändsticks AB was founded in Sweden, a brand that would later be renamed Swedish Match. You know your company has earned its stripes when Philip Morris International (PMI) moves to acquire you, which they did with Swedish Match in 2022. PMI is a tobacco giant whose reach goes well beyond cigarettes and its leading brands such as Marlboro.

Swedish Match’s rise defines Snus’ 20th century journey very well. As a product, Snus broke out of Sweden’s borders (very much due to Swedish Match) and gained international appeal. It also broke free of its until-then exclusive connection to tobacco.

In the 1970s, one simple yet genius innovation transformed enjoyment of Snus from a messy affair, into one that was discreet, convenient and fuss-free – this was the introduction of the portion pouch. The tobacco Snus no longer had to be handled directly with one’s fingers and no time was spend making sure you placed the right amount under your lip.

The pouch brought on a resurgence in the Snus market because it was now much more discreet, making it easy to enjoy throughout the day and also a more accessible alternative to cigarettes.

Snus also went to flavor town in the mid-20th century, with tastes like licorice and coffee hitting the spot among consumers alongside the hugely popular mint flavors that added a (perhaps unexpected) fantastic balance to the earthy tobacco.

In the latter half of the 1900s, the emergence of the pouch on the scene brought even more flavor option to brands’ catalogs – the reason being that flavoring to could added to the pouch rather than going through the tricky process of flavoring the ground tobacco without affecting its properties.

This is when fruity and berry tastes were introduced, among them the Scandinavian tradition-rooted lingonberry, and manufacturers became braver with their experimentation, which led to the massive array of flavors we have available to us today.

The EU Ban, the Nicotine Pouch, and Snus in the New Millenium

In 1992, the EU banned all types of tobacco Snus within in member countries. Sweden joined the EU in 1995 and negotiated a permanent exemption from the ban, showing just how important Snus is to their culture and society.

The nicotine pouches (portion pouch Snus using plant fibers in place of tobacco) hit the scene in the early 2000s, which might make one thing that they were conceived as a workaround to the tobacco Snus ban. This was not the case. The nicotine pouch was first developed by Niconovum for medicinal use in nicotine replacement therapy.

Having a tobacco-free nicotine delivery system that was in pouch form gave the Snus industry a whole new dimension, the results of which you can see by simply opening a Snus supplier website such as – nowadays you not only have the option of tobacco or tobacco-free, but a wide selection of nicotine strengths, from super mild to kicks like a mule, as well as a variety of pouch sizes to choose from. And then there’s the flavor. A plethora of sure-fire mint and menthol options sit alongside some very crazy tastes that goes as far as adding the flavor of the Carolina Reaper, one of the world’s hottest chilis.

This big expansion of the industry came from a sharp increase in the number of Snus companies, manufacturers, brands, and sub brands. It truly is one of the best times to be a Snus enthusiast. You have exciting young brands such as Velo and Ace offering fantastic flavors with a fresh modern feel selling their Snus products right alongside brands that remain partly or wholly rooted in tradition and rich varieties that have stood the test of time, including Zyn and Rite.

With SiamSnus, we look to offer everyone, whether you’re new to Snus or a seasoned veteran, as wide a choice of Swedish-grade products, some of which are manufactured right here in Thailand. You can start with something smooth and easy, or go right for the nicotine strengths that will make your eyes water – in tobacco form or tobacco-free – our goal is to cater to your tastes.

The world of Snus is ever evolving but its identity has never been compromised, and that’s what makes it so special.

Read more about Snus on the Wikipedia Entry.

Carolina Reaper
Carolina Reaper
History of Snus Knowdledge by Siamsnus
History of Snus Knowdledge by Siamsnus

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