Different Payment Options

Payment by CoD (Cash on delivery)

Cash on delivery

If you choose Cash on Deliver (CoD) you pay the mailman or courier upon receiving the package.

  • Thailand Post accept: Cash
  • Kerry Express accept: Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Cash and QR code payment.

We will immediately after we send your parcel also send you the tracking number so you can follow it online every step of the way.

Tip: If you are new to Thailand and stay at a Hotel we HIGHLY recommend this method. Inform the reception that you expect a package and leave the payment with them.

Pay with Credit Card

Credit card

You can pay by Credit/Debit Card on our website BUT this only applies to our Tobacco-free Snus.

If you add only Tobacco-free Snus this payment option will be visible for you at checkout.

Please note that you will get a notification and that the payment method is disabled if Tobacco-based Snus is in the cart.In addition to this you can also pay with QR, Prompt Pay and Rabbit Line Pay.

If you want to pre-pay your order and want Tobacco-based Snus we suggest you use Bank transfer which we will describe below.

Pay by Bank Transfer

Bank transfer

This option is suited for those who HAVE a Thai Bank account:

Pay directly into our bank account via ATM or bank.

Use your order number as payment reference.

If you want to speed things along, you can E-mail or send a text message with the account number you sent in from, Screenshots of payment do also work.

Most ATM´s also has an option to send a SMS to the account holder when a payment is done.

You will get all necessary information straight to your E-mail when you order.

Pay by Bank Transfer ADM

Bank transfer

This option is suited for those who DON’T have a Thai Bank account:

If you do not have a Thai bank account, you can simply take out cash on your regular account.

Then visit a deposit machine, these are called ADM or CDM and are usually placed next to the ATM outside the bank.

You simply follow the English instructions on the screen, put the money in the door and that’s it.

Also this method gives you a receipt for the transaction and is dispatched immediately.

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