Bank Transfer

Pay directly into our bank account via ATM or bank. Use your account number as payment reference. If you want to speed things along, you can E-mail or send a text message with the account number you sent in from. Most ATMĀ“s also has an option to send a SMS to the account holder when a payment is done.

You have a Thai Bank Account

The fastest and most convenient way to do a bank transfer if you have a Thai bank account is to simply go to the nearest ATM. In the ATM machine, you can choose to make a transfer, and simply just turn into our account, enter the amount and press send. The payment will reach us in a few minutes and you get a receipt for the transfer. These days all Thai banks has Internet banking and Apps that makes it even easier to pay directly from your phone or computer.

You do not have a Thai Bank Account

If you do not have a Thai bank account, you can simply take out cash on your regular account and visit a deposit machine, these are called ADM or CDM and are usually placed next to the ATM outside the bank. You simply follow the English instructions on the screen, put the money in the door and that’s it – Also this method gives you a receipt for the transaction and dispatched immediately.

The Old-School Way

If you do not want to use the ATM machines and the like so you can visit the nearest bank office, bring our account number and ask the cashier help you send the payment. Then fill in an old-fashioned piece of paper with all the information, bank transfer and you will get a receipt of your payment.

Cash on Delivery

Pay cash when you pick up your package at your local post office. This works just like Cash on Delivery in Western countries. Please note that you need to be prepared to visit the Post office to collect your package. Some mailmen deliver it directly to you and some don’t, best way is to expect that you will need to collect it at the Post office. If you live in a house or condo they will give you a slip that you bring to the Post office.

If you are in a hurry the best way is to check online and when you see it arrives at your Post office you just go there and bring the tracking number and some ID and collect it directly ie you don’t need the slip to collect it, just the tracking number.

We will immediately after we send your parcel also send you the tracking number so you can follow it online every step of the way.