Low Nicotine Level

Low Level Nicotine Snus

Greetings on this fine day! You have found our page, where you will find all the low nicotine level snus, nicopods & pouches listed. If you wand a rather soft taste and experience, this here is your place to be! If you want to see all of our nicotine levels listed, please follow this link.

This level is suggestet for beginners and people who want to try to get into snus.

The different levels of nicotine, range from 3 – 6 mg/g.

Please find all the different lower nicotine levels here:

  • Ace Berry Breeze Low: 6 mg/g
  • Ace Cool Mint Low: 6 mg/g
  • Kelly White Raspberry Lemon: 6 mg/pouch
  • Kelly White Sparkling Strawberry: 6 mg/pouch
  • Kelly White Sweet Melon Mint: 6 mg/pouch
  • Kelly White Sweet Peach: 4 mg/pouch
  • Siamsnus Mild White: 4 mg/g
  • Velo Tropic Breeze: 5.6 mg/g
  • ZYN Black Cherry: 3 mg/g
  • ZYN Cinnamon: 3 mg/g
  • ZYN Wintergreen: 3 mg/g

Showing all 11 results

Showing all 11 results

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