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We have collected answers to the most common questions we get from our customers below. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for please Contact Us and we will assist you.

Snus by itself is not illegal in Thailand but it is strictly prohibited to manufacture and sell it without the correct permits.
Our product Siamsnus is 100% legal for anyone over the age of 18 to buy and we are fully licensed to manufacture, export and sell Snus in Thailand.

All our Snus is strong but we have 1 kind that really stand out: Siamsnus Chili Snus. In addition to the already strong Snus we also added Chili to it, the result is quite explosive … If you don’t like Chili in your Snus our second strongest Snus is: Siamsnus Bergamot Snus. We also have our Longcut series, this is very strong in both taste and nicotine.

The single strongest Snus we have at a crazy 45mg/g is 24K Crystal White.

The weakest Snus we have is called Siamsnus Mild and we would recommend Siamsnus Mild Portion White. This is the best choice for those who never tried Snus before or want to use it as an aid to quit smoking.

If you are looking for a weak Snus without Tobacco we really recommend ACE Cool Mint Low or ACE Berry Low

One can of Loose Snus from us contains 50 grams of loose snus. The box is not included in the weight.
A full Snus box weighs 60 grams and an empty snuff box weighs 10 grams, so there will be 50 grams of loose Snus for you.

A box of Portion Snus from us includes 24 30 bags of about 1.1 grams each. The size of the bags are like the ones sold in Sweden for example, General Portion or the like.

From 1/1-2020 we changed the number of bags per box from 24 to 30.

It only takes 24 hours to the Bangkok area and the rest of Thailand is 48 hours.
Sometimes it can be up to 72 hours if you are staying in the islands. Please note that the post offices in Thailand are usually closed on Sundays.
During holidays like Songkran and such there can be delays as well.
Order paid before 14:00 will be sent the same day and order paid after 14:00 will be sent the following day (weekdays).

We are only the manufacturer of Siamsnus and we don’t have any shops ourselves that sell it directly. We only sell Online through this website BUT we have resellers in most of the major tourist areas in Thailand.
You can find a list of them here or you can contact us directly.

Yes, there is no problem and actually quite common among our customers. To order to a hotel you just need to enter your name, hotel name the hotels address and your room number.

There are however some things you need to think about if you want to order to a hotel or guest house:

The staff at the hotel can receive the package for you IF it is prepaid.

The staff at the hotel can receive the package for you if you inform them that you are waiting for a package and leave payment with them (if you choose Cash on Delivery)

This is the recommended way if you are on holiday and stay in a hotel.

Other than the reviews written on our products by our customers we found these:

  • The blogger Thaininjan wrote a little review about us here.
  • The travel magazine Vagabond has written about us here.
  • The famous Snus reviewer Snubie gave us a nice video review here.

Do you have a blog related to Thailand and would be willing to review our Snus you are very welcome to contact us.

Yes, you can. If you are in the area you are welcome to visit us and by directly. Our opening hours are 08:00 – 17:00 everyday except on national holidays. We are listed on Grab and on Google Maps.

NO!!! We put great pride in manufacturing our Snus without chemicals or other potentially harmful stuff.

Some manufacturers of Snus put a chemical in it that make the Snus loose it taste and “effect” very quickly, we do not do that.
You will notice that our Snus (especially Portion Snus) retains its taste for a very long time.

We also manufacture the oil used for flavoring ourselves by methods of cold pressing.

Basically we are using the same methods to manufacture Snus that was used in Sweden for many hundreds of year.

Even though Cannabis is legal here in Thailand we have chosen for the time being to not manufacture this. However our friends over at https://prikpot.com sell Dip-Trip which is a Cannabis Snus.

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