Nicotine Content

Below you can fine the Nicotine Content for each of our products. Please note that Nicotine content don’t always effect the taste. Some products with low Nicotine can have a very strong taste and vice versa. Siamsnus as it is Tobacco based do have a somewhat low Nicotine content but is very potent in taste and aroma.


Product Name Nicotine Content
24K Crystal45mg/g
24K Diabas29mg/g
24K Raw29mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Ace Berry Breeze Low6mg/g
Ace Cool Mint20mg/g
Ace Cool Mint Low6mg/g
Ace Eucalyptus18mg/g
Ace Extreme Cool18mg/g
Ace Green Lemon16mg/g
Ace Liquorice Mint16mg/g
Ace Spearmint12mg/g
Ace X Black Raspberry Chili16mg/g
Ace X Cool Mint20mg/g
Ace X Cosmic Cool Mint20mg/g
Ace X Guarana Chili Boost20mg/g
Ace X Honey Black Pepper16mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Apres Cola15mg/g
Apres Lemon Curd8mg/g

Chapo White

Product Name Nicotine Content
Chapo White Blueberry Ice16.5mg/g
Chapo White Brutal Cold51mg/g
Chapo White Crystal Menthol51mg/g
Chapo White Polar Mint16.5mg/g
Chapo White Watermelon16.5mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Derringer Longcut Straight2/5 Regular
Derringer Longcut Wintergreen2/5 Regular
Derringer Fine Cut Natural2/5 Regular
Derringer Fine Cut Wintergreen2/5 Regular
Derringer Longcut Peppermint2/5 Regular


Product Name Nicotine Content
Dissident Blueberry21mg/g
Dissident Citrus Strong21mg/g
Dissident Fiery Ice21mg/g
Dissident Mint Strong21mg/g
Dissident Mocca Strong32mg/g
Dissident Peach Tea Strong21mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Dope Ice Mango50mg/g
Dope Melon Strong16mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Fix Cherry Blossom16.4mg/g
Fix Pineapple Rum Coconut14mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Fumi Spicy Cola12mg/g
Fumi Strawberry Cream12mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
G.3 Load Super Strong22mg/g
G.3 Pow Super Strong26mg/g
G.3 Wire Super Strong22mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Grant Ice Peach Extreme50mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Gritt Crisp Ice16mg/g
Gritt Crisp Ice Extra Strong20mg/g
Gritt Frost Bite16mg/g
Gritt Frost Bite Extra Strong20mg/g
Gritt Maracuja16mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Ice Blueberry12.5mg/g
Ice Cool Mint24mg/g
Ice Cola Slush16.5mg/g
Ice Freeze Reaper24mg/g
Ice Freeze X38mg/g
Ice Frost16.5mg/g
Ice Guava Lava20mg/g
Ice Habanero Sunset16.5mg/g
Ice Habanero X24mg/g
Ice Jalapeno Lime16.5mg/g
Ice Lemon Berry18mg/g
Ice Liqourice Razz18mg/g
Ice Liquorice Reaper24mg/g
Ice Reaper X20mg/g
Ice Salmiakki8mg/g
Ice Saltlakkris16.5mg/g
Ice Watermelon10mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Ignite Banana Strawberry22mg/g
Ignite Blueberry12mg/g
Ignite Cherry Cola18mg/g
Ignite Double Apple12mg/g
Ignite Grape18mg/g
Ignite Mint12mg/g
Ignite Mixed Berries18mg/g
Ignite Mocha22mg/g
Ignite Peach Ice Tea22mg/g
Ignite Watermelon18mg/g
Ignite Wintergreen18mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Iceberg Dragon Fruit Extreme50mg/g
Iceberg Energy Extreme50mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Kick Berry Mix24mg/g
Kick Chili Bomb36mg/g
Kick Eucalyptus24mg/g
Kick Fresh Citrus36mg/g
Kick Green Apple36mg/g
Kick Icy Mint24mg/g
Kick Peppermint36mg/g
Kick Spearmint24mg/g
Kick Sweet Mint36mg/g
Kick Tobacco24mg/g
Kick Tropical24mg/g
Kick Wintergreen36mg/g

Kelly White

Product Name Nicotine Content
Kelly White Cool Mint8mg/pouch
Kelly White Raspberry Lemon6mg/pouch
Kelly White Sparkling Strawberry6mg/pouch
Kelly White Sweet Melon Mint6mg/pouch
Kelly White Sweet Peach4mg/pouch


Product Name Nicotine Content
Klondike Longcut Wintergreen2 on a 5 grade scale (Normal)
Klondike Fine Cut Wintergreen2 on a 5 grade scale (Normal)
Klondike Longcut Straight2 on a 5 grade scale (Normal)


Product Name Nicotine Content
Kurwa Fresh Cola25mg/g
Kurwa Just Berries25mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Loop Habanero Mint Strong20mg/g
Loop Hot Mango Extra Strong20mg/g
Loop Jalapeno Lime Extra Strong20mg/g
Loop Jalapeno Lime Strong15mg/g
Loop Mango Tango Strong15mg/g
Loop Red Chili Melon Strong15mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Lynx Fizzy Lemonade14mg/g
Lynx Tropical Passion14mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Mörkö Fatal Freeze51mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
On! Mint Strong19mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
One Blue Strong White13mg/g
One Vit Strong White13mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Paz Cool Mint13mg/g
Paz X Freeze17mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Rite Cool Mint Large28mg/g
Rite Cool Mint Slim28mg/g
Rite Nordic Dry Large32mg/g
Rite Nordic Dry Slim32mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Rave Cola Explosion 50 Mg50mg/g
Rave Limoncello 50 Mg50mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Skruf Fresh8mg/g
Skruf Frozen Shoth15mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Stokers Longcut Mint2/5 Regular
Stokers Longcut Natural2/5 Regular
Stokers Longcut Straight2/5 Regular
Stokers Longcut Wintergreen2/5 Regular

Siamsnus - original Thai made SNUS

Product Name Nicotine Content
Siamsnus Bergamot Classic Portion16mg/g
Siamsnus Bergamot Portion16mg/g
Siamsnus Bergamot Snus16mg/g
Siamsnus Bergamot White12mg/g
Siamsnus Bergamot White Slim12mg/g
Siamsnus Chili Portion12mg/g
Siamsnus Chili Snus12mg/g
Siamsnus Chili White8mg/g
Siamsnus Eucalyptus White8mg/g
Siamsnus Licorice Portion12mg/g
Siamsnus Licorice Raspberry Portion12mg/g
Siamsnus Licorice Raspberry Snus12mg/g
Siamsnus Licorice Raspberry White12mg/g
Siamsnus Licorice Raspberry White Slim12mg/g
Siamsnus Licorice Snus12mg/g
Siamsnus Licorice White8mg/g
Siamsnus Longcut Apple8mg/g
Siamsnus Longcut Bergamot16mg/g
Siamsnus Longcut Chilli16mg/g
Siamsnus Longcut Kratom Peppermint12mg/g
Siamsnus Longcut Kratom Tobacco12mg/g
Siamsnus Longcut Kratom Wintergreen12mg/g
Siamsnus Longcut Licorice16mg/g
Siamsnus Longcut Licorice Raspberry16mg/g
Siamsnus Longcut Mild8mg/g
Siamsnus Longcut Peppermint16mg/g
Siamsnus Longcut Rappe16mg/g
Siamsnus Longcut Strong Peppermint20mg/g
Siamsnus Longcut Strong Tobacco20mg/g
Siamsnus Longcut Strong Wintergreen20mg/g
Siamsnus Longcut Tobacco16mg/g
Siamsnus Longcut Wintergreen16mg/g
Siamsnus Mild Portion8mg/g
Siamsnus Mild Snus8mg/g
Siamsnus Mild White4mg/g
Siamsnus Peppermint Portion12mg/g
Siamsnus Peppermint Snus12mg/g
Siamsnus Peppermint White8mg/g
Siamsnus Peppermint White Slim8mg/g
Siamsnus Rappe Classic Portion12mg/g
Siamsnus Rappe Portion12mg/g
Siamsnus Rappe Snus12mg/g
Siamsnus Rappe White8mg/g
Siamsnus Rappe White Slim8mg/g
Siamsnus Smokey Portion12mg/g
Siamsnus Smokey Snus12mg/g
Siamsnus Smokey White8mg/g
Siamsnus Tobacco Portion16mg/g
Siamsnus Tobacco Snus16mg/g
Siamsnus Tobacco White12mg/g
Siamsnus Tobacco White Slim12mg/g
Siamsnus Whiskey Portion12mg/g
Siamsnus Whiskey Snus12mg/g
Siamsnus Whiskey White8mg/g
Siamsnus Wintergreen White8mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Stripe Blissard Strong40mg/g
Stripe Frosty Vine40mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Velo Caribbean Spirit10mg/g
Velo Cool Storm11mg/g
Velo Easy Mint Mini8mg/g
Velo Eucalyptus21.8mg/g
Velo Freeze Strong11mg/g
Velo Freeze Ultra28mg/g
Velo Frosty Grapefruit14.3mg/g
Velo Ice Cool14mg/g
Velo Ice Cool Mini Strong16mg/g
Velo Iced Melon Mini11mg/g
Velo Liquorice Strong9.8mg/g
Velo Royal Purple Mini12 mg/g
Velo Ruby Berry14mg/g
Velo Tropic Breeze5.6mg/g
Velo Winter Chill16mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Volt Dark Frost13mg/g
Volt Deep Freeze13mg/g
Volt Frosted Apple23.1mg/g
Volt Mystic Blue13.6mg/g

White Fox

Product Name Nicotine Content
White Fox Double Mint15mg/g
White Fox Full Charge15mg/g
White Fox Mint15mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
X15 Double Apple16mg/g
X15 Limoncello Di Oro12mg/g
X15 Mint12mg/g
X15 Salty Raz12mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
XQS Blueberry Mint20mg/g
XQS Cactus Sour Strong20mg/g
XQS Fizzy Cola Strong20mg/g
XQS Twin Apple Strong20mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
XR General Extra Strong14mg/g
XR Göteborgs Rapé Extra Strong14mg/g
XR Göteborgs Rapé Slim9.3mg/g
XR Stone Fruit Extra Strong12mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
Zeus Arctic Freeze30mg/g
Zeus Frozen Citrus30mg/g

Zone X

Product Name Nicotine Content
Zone X Berry Fresh15mg/g
Zone X Cosmic Blast7mg/g
Zone X Southern Breeze7mg/g


Product Name Nicotine Content
ZYN Black Cherry3mg/g
ZYN Cinnamon3mg/g
ZYN Cool Mint9mg/g
ZYN Espressino8mg/g
ZYN Wintergreen3mg/g
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