Delivery of Snus in Thailand

Thailand Post (EMS)

Delivery of Snus in Thailand is made by EMS (Express Mail Service). While this is slightly more expensive than the regular post it has much faster delivery times and you will be able to follow the package on its so-called tracking number.

Normal delivery time for all of Thailand is 1-2 days, and they also deliver on Saturdays. We always send out your tracking number by email while we expedite your order so you can easily track your package on the EMS website.
Please note:

  • The Post man will NOT deliver your package to your room in hotels.
  • If you live in a hotel you will need to get your package in the nearest Post office.
  • You can pay your order at the Post office (Cash on Delivery).

Thailand Post

Kerry Express (Courier)

We are now also using Kerry Express who is a courier service. We have tried them for a while now and they really work hard to deliver your package.

Kerry Express also have a delivery time of 1-2 days and will deliver your package directly to you. You will get a tracking number from us after your order is shipped so you can follow your shipment every step of the way online.


Please note:

  • Kerry Express require a Thai phone number or else they will not accept the parcel.
  • Kerry Express can not accept payments so this option is for prepaid orders only.
  • Kerry Express will deliver to your hotel but they will call you and arrange a time for meeting first.

Kerry Express Thailand

How you choose to pay for your order effect the delivery.

You have pre-paid by Bank transfer or SWISH
If you have prepaid your order the Postman or Courier will deliver the package directly to your address. If you stay at a hotel or similar we really recommend payment in advance as the reception then can receive your package for you if you are out. Of course it is a good idea to warn them first so they know that you are expecting a package.

You have ordered cash on delivery (CoD)
When you order this way only you can receive the package because the post need to collect payment from the receiver who’s name is on the package. The postman will not take the package directly to you, but you will receive a slip from him that can bring to the Post office and pay over the counter.

If you live in a hotel and want to use this method you need to be prepared to go to the Post office to collect it. If you tell the reception that you are expecting mail they usually can receive the slip for you.

The package will always stay at the post office closest to you and the name of the post office will be clearly visible online when you track the package.

Please note:

  • This payment method requires you to visit the post office to get your parcel.
  • You don’t need to have the slip, you can use the tracking number from us and collect it.
  • You can follow the package every step of the way online.


Smaller shipments we send in padded envelopes and larger shipments we send in cardboard boxes. We pack boxes carefully so that there is no risk of damage during shipment.