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G.3 POW Super Strong is the ultimate choice for a super strong, discreet snus experience with a bold flavor profile and advanced drip technology.

br /> Nicotine Content: 26 mg/g
br /> 24 Pouches.

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G.3 POW Super Strong
G.3 POW SUPER STRONG 299 ฿ inc. Vat
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Unleash the Power with G.3 POW Super Strong

Meet G.3 POW Super Strong, the latest sensation in the snus world designed to deliver an unparalleled nicotine kick. Tailored for the bold and the brave, G.3 POW is not just strong; it’s super strong, offering a nicotine experience that’s as intense as it is satisfying.

Engineered for Peak Performance

G.3 POW Super Strong sets a new standard for potency and enjoyment. Crafted for those who demand more, its super strong nicotine content ensures a lasting, powerful effect. Whether you’re a seasoned snus user or looking for an effective smoking alternative, G.3 POW delivers the satisfaction you crave.

Compact Design, Maximum Discretion

The G.3 series is known for its discreet, slim pouches, and POW Super Strong continues this tradition. Designed to fit comfortably under the lip, these pouches offer a discreet usage experience without compromising on strength or flavor. It’s the perfect choice for snus users who value privacy and potency.

A Bold Flavor Profile

But G.3 POW Super Strong isn’t just about strength; it’s also a journey of flavor. With a robust tobacco base complemented by a unique blend of spices and citrus notes, it offers a taste that’s as compelling as its effects. Each pouch is a step into a world where flavor and intensity converge.

Advanced Drip Technology

Thanks to cutting-edge moisture control technology, G.3 POW Super Strong provides a minimal drip experience. This innovation ensures that the snus releases its powerful nicotine hit and complex flavors smoothly and steadily, enhancing your experience without the mess.

G.3: Synonymous with Innovation

As a standout member of the G.3 series, POW Super Strong embodies the line’s legacy of innovation and quality. It represents the pinnacle of snus development, offering an unmatched combination of strength, flavor, and discretion.

For those in pursuit of a super strong snus experience that doesn’t hold back, G.3 POW Super Strong is your fearless companion. It’s more than just snus; it’s a declaration of intensity and satisfaction.

Additional information

Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 2 cm
Nicotine Strength

26 mg/g


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