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VOLT Deep Freeze. These pouches feature a revitalizing menthol and eucalyptus flavor, providing the same invigorating effects as higher-strength versions but with a more accessible 13 mg/pouch nicotine content for new users and those reducing intake.


Nicotine Content: 13mg/g


20 Pouches.

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VOLT Deep Freeze
VOLT DEEP FREEZE 299 ฿ 269 ฿ inc. Vat
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This Snus from VOLT has a cool name, but it hides the true spirit of the flavors that lurk within. There is a beautiful menthol base taste that we all know goes brilliantly with tobacco-free Snus, but to add more depth and a richness, some eucalyptus is thrown in for good measure.

With this, you get a unique earthy sensation that has its own menthol with citrus and pine too. VOLT Deep Freeze is one of those things that manages to be so simple yet brilliant at the same time.

And the Nicotine concentration of 18 mg/g is a strong but thoughtful characteristic of Deep Freeze, just the right level to match the smooth and cool taste, with both kick and flavor lasting long with each Slim format pouch.

Attributes of VOLT DEEP FREEZE:

  • Smooth and familiar Menthol flavor combined with the earthiness and zest of Eucalyptus
  • 13 mg/g Nicotine concentration is just right

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