Siamsnus Bergamot Snus

149 ฿ inc. Vat

Siamsnus Bergamot Snus is made with the goal of becoming as much like Sweden General Snus as possible. Flavored with Bergamot and strong leaf tobacco.


Nicotine Content: 16mg/g


50 gram of Loose Snus.

(51 customer reviews)
Siamsnus Bergamot Snus
Siamsnus Bergamot Snus 149 ฿ inc. Vat

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Siamsnus Bergamot Snus

Siamsnus Bergamot Snus is one of our absolute favorites. It is a very rich snus with great strength and character. The added bergamot gives it a fresh taste that reminds a lot of the original Swedish Snus.

This Snus is a perfect loose snus for those who enjoy a stronger snus and miss the original Swedish Snus characteristic flavor and strength. As all our loose Snus so it is extremely easy to form and have exactly the same texture and color as loose snus from Sweden.

Attributes of Siamsnus Bergamot Tobacco:

  • Bergamot flavour ready to brighten your day with tangy goodness
  • A fine cut of top-shelf strong tobacco

Siamsnus Bergamot Snus is among our customers the most popular loose snus we have right now, try it – you will not be disappointed.

As with all of our loose so this is a box containing 50 grams of snuff.

Additional information

Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 × 2 cm

51 reviews for Siamsnus Bergamot Snus

  1. Avatar of Per Lindgren

    Per Lindgren (verified owner)

  2. Avatar of Jan Larsson

    Jan Larsson (verified owner)

  3. Avatar of Jan Larsson

    Jan Larsson (verified owner)

    Detta är för mig bästa snuset, Så vill jag tacka för en kanon leverans.

  4. Avatar of Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Avatar of Robert Martin

    Robert Martin (verified owner)

    Very strong

  6. Avatar of David Sjogelid

    David Sjogelid (verified owner)

    Delivery very fast, great!!

  7. Avatar of boonpen R.

    boonpen R. (verified owner)

    Den passar inte min gom, smakar parfym.

  8. Avatar of สุกัญญา ชัยวัฒน์

    สุกัญญา ชัยวัฒน์ (verified owner)

    The flavor is robust and lingers nicely.

  9. Avatar of Steen Stokholm

    Steen Stokholm (verified owner)

  10. Avatar of Jimmy

    Jimmy (verified owner)

  11. Avatar of Ulf Christer Andersson

    Ulf Christer Andersson (verified owner)

  12. Avatar of Johan W.

    Johan W. (verified owner)

    My first batch was very good, next order and batch was not my cup of tea! Hope they can solved the issue because the first one was very good ??

  13. Avatar of Johann Slabbert

    Johann Slabbert (verified owner)

    good , wish I had a snus tool.

  14. Avatar of Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Bergamot and Rappe are very similar but I find Bergamot a bit more salty. High on nicotine. Good texture. All in all a very good snus

  15. Avatar of Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Juicy and flavourful. Amazing quality

  16. Avatar of Håkan

    Håkan (verified owner)

    As allways!

  17. Avatar of Anders J.

    Anders J. (verified owner)

    Ultra fast service ?

  18. Avatar of Steen Stokholm

    Steen Stokholm (verified owner)

  19. Avatar of Cody Watt

    Cody Watt (verified owner)

    Very good flavor, always fast shipping and easy pay. Thank you for doing such a good job Siamsnus 🙂

  20. Avatar of Erik

    Erik (verified owner)

  21. Avatar of Aapo A.

    Aapo A. (verified owner)

  22. Avatar of Bik Ratanachantra

    Bik Ratanachantra (verified owner)

    Everything is fine

  23. Avatar of Anders Larsson

    Anders Larsson (verified owner)

  24. Avatar of Jan B.

    Jan B. (verified owner)

  25. Avatar of Leif Erixon

    Leif Erixon (verified owner)

  26. Avatar of Michael K.

    Michael K. (verified owner)

    A good quality competitor of General. Works even better if mixed up with Tobacco Longcut

  27. Avatar of Erik Lundvik

    Erik Lundvik (verified owner)

  28. Avatar of Jan

    Jan (verified owner)

    Good taste, a bit loose and watery to my normal standard and takes a bit of adjustment to use. But taste is really good indeed.

  29. Avatar of Tore Tangerud

    Tore Tangerud (verified owner)

    God snus lett å bake.litt bløt legg den litt med lokket oppe for tørk ???? rate5

  30. Avatar of Bjorn

    Bjorn (verified owner)

    Like it a lot. Gives a good taste and nice aroma.

  31. Avatar of JP

    JP (verified owner)

    Utmärkt snus !
    Lite blött men det torkar ut så småningom
    Hoppas dom försöker sig på en general Mackmyra så småningom ????

  32. Avatar of tim

    tim (verified owner)

    Excellent snus. Thank you for a wonderful product that is difficult to get in SE Asia and at one time in the not too distant past, impossible to get. A true life saver! It is also much appreciated to be able to buy a product not grown with pesticides.
    The price is great to and I will be taking some back with me when I return to the Good ol USA to replace the need for pesticide laced copenhagen. Awesome! Cool! Great! Love the bergamot flavor! Don’t need to ship from Europe. Relaxing. Flavorful, traditional, well thought out, brilliant, genius, excellent texture like the Scandinavian brands, super fast and professional delivery at an amazingly low price, easy to pay at Kasikorn Bank, easy tracking via Kerry Express, don,t need marlboros, professional, clever, convenient. Thank you Siamsnus, You have made the world a better place!

  33. Avatar of Aroneb

    Aroneb (verified owner)

    I would like to have more strong snus on nicotine, not just in taste. But this is best for ok price here in Thailand.

    wont get nicotine rush in morning but this keeps worst symptons and malrboro away.

    Taste is good and easy to bake or use injection tube .

  34. Avatar of Sanpet

    Sanpet (verified owner)

    Excellent taste.

  35. Avatar of David

    David (verified owner)

    Mycket bra snus och suverän service!!

  36. Avatar of Chris

    Chris (verified owner)

    Bergamot and Rappe taste very good.
    I think better then the Snus from Swedish Match.

    It was my first order but I am sure not the last.

    Only one think I can not understand. Why at Foodmarket they only have Portion Snus.

  37. Avatar of farthinder3

    farthinder3 (verified owner)

    Helt ok kanske lite blöt för min smak. Kommer fortsätta hnadla från SIAM snus. Ska prova fler sorter någon som mer liknar ETTAN.

  38. Avatar of Hans Hermansson

    Hans Hermansson (verified owner)

    Nästan identisk med originalet, kanske lite för “blött” för min smak.

  39. Avatar of markarist

    markarist (verified owner)

    Slightly more subtle flavour than the bergamot portions but still really nice. Nice consistency and really easy to bake, even for a novice like me. Will definitely be trying more loose snus from SiamSnus soon. I love this stuff!

  40. Avatar of Patric johansson

    Patric johansson (verified owner)

    Good taste and fast delivery!!!

  41. Avatar of Robert


    My favourite

  42. Avatar of Terje Stensland

    Terje Stensland (verified owner)

    Wery good , but litelbit wet . Ok???????????? og fersk ????????????

  43. Avatar of Arve

    Arve (verified owner)

    My customers like this snus very well

  44. Avatar of Jonas Langborg

    Jonas Langborg (verified owner)

    I don’t usually use loose snus. But I’ve tried this one before. It is awesome, and very strong. Sadly Kerry express subjected the package to intense heat for god knows how long. So it’s a little bit flaky and semi dry. Maybe I can add some water to make it better? Anyway no fault to Siamsnus. Thanks for a good product.

    A tip for Siamsnus is to package the containers with chemical cooling and reflective packaging. If you wan’t to know more about the subject feel free to contact me.

  45. Avatar of Andre

    Andre (verified owner)

    Good taste . Fast delivery. Nice price

  46. Avatar of efredriksson

    efredriksson (verified owner)

    Swedish quality but bergamot was to well for me. I want something more like “grov” and got told that long cut is a more closer option. The tobacco quality was super and i tv-hunk more strong then Swedish snus. Delivery 2 days to koh lanta Did surprise me in a positive way. Keep ordering so this company will remain!

  47. Avatar of Susanne Senften

    Susanne Senften (verified owner)

    Riktigt bra och färskt!

  48. Avatar of Bjoern Eggen

    Bjoern Eggen (verified owner)

    The Bergamott snus is good, the closest I get to Swedish made General.

  49. Avatar of Roland Persson

    Roland Persson (verified owner)

    Litle bit wet but ok.

  50. Avatar of Markus

    Markus (verified owner)

    Good quality, real good taste. Nice consistency. All thumbs up. I have been using swedish General brand for +25 years. But this better i think. Real quick delivery too.

  51. Avatar of scott brasuell

    scott brasuell (verified owner)

    Good quality and taste was good.Fast delivery.A little fine for me,should have got the long cut..

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