Siamsnus Chili Snus

149.00 ฿ inc. Vat

Siamsnus Chili Snus? To think that we now totally have lost our mind is perfectly understandable, but this is actually a really good combination.


Siamsnus Chili Snus

Siamsnus Chili Snus is the perfect loose Snus for those who want to add some punch to your Snus. The combination of Chili and Snus provide a very strong Snus that tastes very good and retains the taste longer.

The taste experience can almost be compared to having a new fresh Snus under the lip all the time as this Snus do not drop in either strength or flavor.

We want to point out that Siamsnus Chili Snus does not taste as if you put a lot of chili under your lip but more that it gives a little more strength to Snus because of its content of capsaicin, you will still feel the normal tobacco flavor albeit with a little more tear than other Snus.

One box of Siamsnus Chili Snus comes loaded with 50 grams of Snus in each box.

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