Buy Snus in Chiang Mai from Jarunee Shop
Jarunee Shop in central Chiang Mai have a wide selection of Snus.


Located in the heart of Chiang Mai, the Jaronee Shop is a hidden gem for Snus enthusiasts.

As a reseller of high-quality Snus, this “Thai-style” shop offers a unique shopping experience that blends local charm with a product typically found in Scandinavian countries.

Although the shop might be a bit challenging to find due to its traditional Thai setting, the search is well worth the effort.

Once inside, customers are greeted with a wide variety of Snus options.

Jaronee Shop prides itself on offering a diverse range of Snus products, catering to both seasoned Snus users and those curious to try it for the first time. So, if you’re in Chiang Mai and looking to buy Snus, make sure to visit the Jaronee Shop.

Buy Snus from Shogun Minimart in Chiang Mai.
Shogun Minimart in old town in Chiang Mai have a wide selection of Snus.


Located in the heart of Chiang Mai’s old city, Shogun Minimart is a local shop that’s become a key destination for Snus enthusiasts.

Known for its selection of imported liquor, tobacco, and rolling paper, the store has recently expanded its offerings to include Siamsnus.

This addition makes Shogun Minimart a must-visit spot for anyone looking to buy Snus in Chiang Mai.

Despite its small size, the store’s diverse product range and convenient location make it a top choice for Snus users.

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